Why Bowtie?

Bowtie Collegiate Mentorship provides high-touch, one on one, personalized career coaching & advising, helping college students obtain clarity on a career choice. Grounded in today’s modern work environments, Bowtie’s mission is to build long term student success and provide them with a foundation to follow their career passion and empower their best decisions.

What We Do

→ Help students obtain clarity on a career path for tomorrow's workforce.
→ Prepare and set expectations about selected careers.
→ Create a student’s personal career ladder.
→ Teach students tools and tips on internship applications - the best timing and content.
→ Provide hiring insights and areas of focus within interviews. What questions should they be prepared to answer.

→ Develop optimized resumes and other online tools that provide them the strongest introduction of themselves.
→ Build a student's confidence level as well as settle anxiety about making the “right” decision.
→ Provide a tool for problem-solving skills.
→ Match personal skill sets with career options.


Don't Take Our Word For It
Many have achieved their career goals with help from Bowtie founder Jennifer Reynolds. See what her clients have to say!

Bowtie Mentoring Services

Whether settling anxiety about making the right career decision, guide an internship or job search, getting a student’s resume and interview skills up to today’s standards or set expectations on a career choice – coaching from Bowtie will help! Bowtie offers several different services tailored to suit your unique situation.

Career Fine Tuning

This option is relevant for students who feel confident about their current career path but need either the confidence or real-world feedback on how to make the most of their career choice. Discussion will include how to augment current collegiate curriculum, ensure the most optimized resume and build strong interview skills to get students ready to launch.

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What Now?

This option is geared toward individuals who have completed their undergraduate degree and are seeking advice on next steps. Whether you need to strengthen your current job/position, change course, or gain more confidence in your potential to succeed, this package is for you! Sessions include...

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Career Re-Alignment

This option is relevant to students who are frustrated with their educational career path. Those struggling to develop a new career track or how to get past a rough patch in their educational curriculum. Bowtie assists in student’s confidence and gaining footing in a new direction that is better aligned with their ambitions. Sessions include...

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Discovery Session

This one-hour option will provide a cursory discovery of concerns, impediments and questions on career-related topics in order to assess how best to focus a students efforts. Whether it is to get over a small hurdle on how to best improve a student’s resume, interview skills, industry questions or discuss broader career thoughts, Bowtie can help begin to un-knot and build a cursory plan of action.

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The Bowtie Model

Careers are not developed in a straight line – and neither is the journey!  The Bowtie Model will help students understand that decisions they make today will only allow their career path to expand and grow.  This Model will ultimately provide students essential confidence in their decision-making skills as well as their willingness to allow themselves to explore.